Here you can see mosaics of the category Landscapes.
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Mosaic seascape with herons
seascape with herons AK047

185x125cm   72.8x49.2inches
smoothed 1470 £
Mosaic lake landscape with whales
lake landscape with whales AK022

120x90cm   47.2x35.4inches
smoothed 758 £
Mosaic Place by the sea
Place by the sea LK013

130x100cm   51.2x39.4inches
smoothed 829 £
Mosaic fishing village
fishing village GK044

80x100cm   31.5x39.4inches
smoothed 512 £
Mosaic Beach with palm trees
Beach with palm trees LK011

180x65cm   70.9x25.6inches
smoothed 746 £
Mosaic swimming pool
swimming pool AK039

600x150cm   236.2x59.1inches
smoothed 6849 £
Mosaic Children on a Boat
Children on a Boat FK048

160x98cm   63x38.6inches
smoothed 999 £
Mosaic SS Passat
SS Passat GK079

60x80cm   23.6x31.5inches
smoothed 309 £
Mosaic grapevine
grapevine LK010

85x150cm   33.5x59.1inches
smoothed 813 £
Mosaic scene with fish
scene with fish AK014

140x90cm   55.1x35.4inches
smoothed 803 £
Mosaic Ocaen View
Ocaen View LK009

300x150cm   118.1x59.1inches
smoothed 2857 £
Mosaic two Porcelains
two Porcelains AK019

100x70cm   39.4x27.6inches
smoothed 449 £
Mosaic Forest with a lake and animals
Forest with a lake and animals LK012

220x100cm   86.6x39.4inches
smoothed 1399 £
Mosaic Greek Island
Greek Island GK080

60x90cm   23.6x35.4inches
smoothed 347 £
Mosaic Ravello Italy
Ravello Italy GK073

60x80cm   23.6x31.5inches
smoothed 370 £
Mosaic Panorama Extract Heidelberg
Panorama Extract Heidelberg LK008

100x100cm   39.4x39.4inches
smoothed 639 £
Mosaic Toscana
Toscana GK071

55x70cm   21.7x27.6inches
smoothed 249 £